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Hello and good day prospective partners and patrons!

Today it brings us absolute pleasure to announce and introduce

The Treat Shop Fundraising Program


In an effort to expand the awareness of our good name and Class A product, we are hoping to team up with all schools, churches, clubs, and any other organizations that are interested in raising funding for their various projects and / or solidifying their parties’ infrastructures. 

The benefits of fundraising are:

  • The opportunity to provide or accrue funding for your organization’s goals, projects and/or trips.

  • To build lasting relationships between your group(s) and interacting organizations and key members of your communities, while establishing lengthy and fruitful business foundations.

  •  To share some of Richmond’s Very Best Treats with family and loved ones while receiving tugs and hugs plus smiles for miles.

  •  To be held as an exemplary local and small business supporter and true community involvement participant!

The Treat Shop is truly one of Richmond’s Best Kept Secrets. Once discovered, we know that you will feel the same and hope that this will be a positive and prosperous endeavor for all parties.


Thank you for your time and consideration


Team Treat Shop

Contact Us Regarding Your Fundraising Goals! 

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